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Genix Healthcare achieves world first in online dental consultations

Genix Healthcare achieves world first in online dental consultations.

Genix Healthcare has teamed up with the Healee App to bring online dental consultations to you! Now that, is customer service.

London, UK. 13.08.2020: We live in an era where online communication is an essential part of our lives. Whether it be social or for work, we have to do as much as we can through our online presence, and dental health is no exception. Following the detrimental impact that Covid-19 has had on the dental health industry, Genix Healthcare are now providing online video consultations through the Healee App. No matter where you are in the world, Genix Healthcare can provide you with advice and support from an experienced dentist. No waiting weeks for an appointment. No old magazines in a tense waiting room. No finding out later that your dentist is not qualified for the specific procedure you need. And if all this wasn’t enough, if they cannot help you online, there is no charge.

And you don’t have to wear the silly glasses.

As the first dental company to provide an online service, Genix Healthcare have removed these obstacles and have reduced the process down to a matter of minutes. The Healee App is specific to medical applications, so is secure and refined to your needs.

For the majority of situations, the physical presence of a medical professional would of course be advantageous. For example, if you broke your leg, there’s only so much a video call could do to help you. However, for our oral health, a great deal can be achieved through a consultation with a trusted professional in a fraction of the time. It’s as easy to use as Facebook or Skype and allows patients to attach relevant electronic health records to the video consultation, assuring an accurate and personal experience. The Healee App provides you with a specialist after a quick initial assessment. Compare this to the physical world, in which you would have to be referred by a general practitioner to a specialist who may be on the other side of the country and booked up for several months. It is common for there to be a deficit of medical specialists in certain areas, which makes the Healee App the perfect solution as it can connect you with a specialist who could be thousands of miles away. The cherry on top is that If nothing can be done about your issue via video consultation, you will not be charged.

The Healee App has the answer for everything. It contains a useful chatbot which tells you the most likely cause of your symptoms; lets you store any past or present symptoms and conditions; lets you set medication schedules and reminders; and allows you to anonymously share your data on health forums, meaning you can help and be helped by others with similar issues. Also, in a world where privacy on your smartphones is something of a question mark, the Healee App is secure and does not have access to your email or any images or messages shared with doctors.

Working together, Genix Healthcare and the Healee App provide the world’s first top quality dental consultation service. 



Genix Healthcare provides both private and NHS care, and are specialists in a vast range of treatments, including: Bridges; Crowns; Dental Implants; Dentures; Facial Line Fillers; Fresh Breath; Hygienist Services; Inlays/Outlays; Routine Dental Care; Tooth Coloured/White Fillings; Tooth Straightening; Tooth Whitening; Veneers & Lumineers; and Wrinkle Reduction. They are bringing this expertise to your home and pioneering the dental health industry, with already 270,000 patients on the app, 1.5 million appointments booked with 1700 doctors from 60 different hospitals, and 7800 online consultations happening around the world. Research has shown that the time from experiencing an issue to getting a primary diagnosis can be problematic and has been getting longer by the year due to disparities between different geographic areas. Cut to the chase and take advantage of modern methods with Genix Healthcare and the Healee App. 

The Ginger Jungle

 A short piece of writing for ‘The Ginger Jungle’ to promote their business on ‘’

Hello, we are The Ginger Jungle! Our journey began back in 2018 and was brought to life by avid plant collector, Suzanne. As a lover of all things green, it felt only natural for her to branch out and share her plant passion with the world.

From a kitchen table to a garden shed, we have now grown into a humble team of five. Our small village of Fulking, nestled in the South Downs and just a stone’s throw away from Brighton, remains our hub. We have recently expanded to a larger unit in Middlesex which has empowered us to grow further.

Our ultimate ambition is to offer you the finest houseplants, grown, packed and transported with consideration for the environment as well as our customers. Before they reach you they are hand-selected, watered, cleaned and pruned as if they are our own. This care is extended to prepping them for the journey ahead as they make their way towards you. When your houseplants arrive, it will feel like receiving a present because of our unique wrapping and personal touches that continue to grow and flourish!

From, ‘All I do is kill plants’ to ‘All I do is think about plants’, The Ginger Jungle is here to support you! Being a small, independent business means we are easily reachable, so please do not hesitate to get in contact with our welcoming team.